FAQ List

Will this project result in a loss of parking stalls on campus?

The purpose of the redesign of Campus Drive is not to increase parking on campus. However, it is expected that the Campus Drive Redesign Project will result in a slight net gain of parking spaces on campus. BYU is currently meeting with and receiving feedback from members of the campus and local community regarding this issue. This discussion has resulted in the addition of expanded drop-off points at the Wilkinson Student Center and the Museum of Art, as well as additional bike parking—necessitating a change in the total number of parking stalls in the original redesign plan.

The university is not considering building any new parking structures as part of this project.

During each phase, some parking lots will be a part of the work zone and temporarily unavailable to the campus and local community.

Will South Campus Drive be opened once the Life Sciences Building is completed?

When the Life Sciences Building is completed, South Campus Drive will return to the way it was before, meaning it will be open to restricted university traffic. It will not be open to the public.

Will there be drop-off zones at the J. Reuben Clark Law School building, Wilkinson Student Center and Museum of Art?

Yes. This has been a very frequent question and concern. For this reason, BYU has expanded the original plans for drop-off zones in these areas. Although this has required the sacrifice of a few parking stalls, BYU believes it will help improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety. At the Wilkinson Student Center, a canopy with benches will be constructed for pedestrians in the drop-off zone.

Will there continue to be a visitor parking area east of the Wilkinson Student Center?

Yes. In fact, the number of stalls in the new visitor parking area was expanded from the number of stalls in the previous visitor parking lot.   

Will this project include new bike parking locations?

Yes. BYU has identified some new locations where this is possible, such as east of the Harris Fine Arts Center.

Will there be dedicated bike lanes on the newly designed roads?

Bike traffic is something the university continues to study. We are looking closely at how we can best accommodate bike traffic in a safe manner.

Will the new walkway from 900 East to the Wilkinson Student Center have benches?


Where will the new UTA bus stop be located?

Please refer to the UTA website at www.rideuta.com for further route information, particularly when fall-schedule service resumes in August 2015.

Will delivery trucks have access to the Wilkinson Student Center?


Will there continue to be a drop-off zone by the Clyde and Crabtree buildings?

There is no official drop-off zone currently at these buildings. This is not in the scope of the Campus Drive Redesign Project, but we anticipate working on this issue in a future project.

Will there still be a traffic light at the intersection of East Campus Drive and the Crabtree Building?

Yes. This project includes no change to the current traffic light.